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                     Spring Jr. Development 2019


                         We are open!!                                

                           First session starts the week of 3/25/19 


                                                             Small Smashers

     This is a group for kids from 4-7 years that are ready to be introduced to tennis.  This group incorporates stroke development, rule instrution, and fun games.   

                                        Drop-in cost  $25

           $120.00 for 6-week session( 1 day week )       Ratio 6/1

                         Mon-Thur.                         3:30-4:30pm  


                                           Junior Team Group  

     This group is for junior players who are looing to become competitive tennis players.  This group is designed to prepare players for tournament, team or school play through development of technique, matchplay and overall stroke production.

                                            Drop-in cost  $30.00

        $150.00 for 6-week session (1day week)           Ration 8/1               

                   Mon-Thurs.                                   4:30-6:00pm




Fair Oaks Summer Jr Program 2019


These groups begin on June 3 through mid-August 2019

NO CAMP the week of July 4 (July 1-5)



This group is designed for 4-7 year olds that are just learning how to play tennis. Like all of our groups, this group is focused on having fun and hitting a lot of tennis balls. 

Tuesday-Thursday (9:30-10:30)   $20/day



Our primary camp is designed for beginner to intermediate tennis players. This group focuses on learning the game of tennis, stroke development, and having fun. This camp will be broken up by skill level, as is needed.

Monday-Friday (9am-Noon)

$100/week or Drop in at $25/day



This is for intermediate to advanced players that are playing on, or preparing to try out for, a highschool team.

Monday-Thursday (Noon-1:30)    $20/Day

Friday Night: (6-7:30pm)            $20/Day









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